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Supporting Special Olympics New Zealand Foundation

To enable Special Olympics New Zealand Foundation to grow our fund so we can ensure the long-term financial sustainability and development of Special Olympics in New Zealand, we need your support.

There are two key ways to help (or you might consider both). 

Make a lasting gift via a bequest.

Make a tax deductible donation now.  This may be made as a memorial donation to honour a loved one.   

Steps to achieving your wishes:

We encourage you to discuss your plans with your legal adviser/solicitor and your family.

If you wish to leave a gift in your will, options to consider for bequeathing include:

  • Nominating a Specified Sum - this is a common form of gift in a will. As it is not inflation proof you may wish to review the amount every 5-7 years
  • Making a Percentage Bequest – this is when a specific proportion of your estate is gifted to the Special Olympics New Zealand Foundation. This is inflation proof.
  • Making a Specific Contingent Bequest - this comes into effect only if your primary intention cannot be met (for example, in the absence of surviving family members).
  • Making a Residuary Bequest - after providing for family and friends, the remainder of your estate is gifted to the Special Olympics New Zealand Foundation.
  • The Gifting of an Asset - a specified gift is left to the Special Olympics New Zealand Foundation. This could be shares, property, jewellery, an insurance policy or other items. These then could be retained as a capital investment or sold to raise funds.

If you wish to make a donation now, we can provide you with a simple form which includes our bank details.  We will need some information from you so that we can issue you with your tax receipt.  Should you or your adviser wish to find out more about Special Olympics New Zealand Foundation before any decisions are made, please contact us.
If you have other ideas for how to support Special Olympics New Zealand Foundation, then we would be pleased to spend time with you to ascertain the most efficient way for you to make your gift.  Please contact us by clicking here.

Your donation makes a difference

All donations are tax deductible and every donation received, whether small or large, helps us to achieve meaningful outcomes and support the quality of life of those with intellectual disabilities in Aotearoa. 

Please also consider how you might support Special Olympics New Zealand for their daily operational costs. You can find out more on Special Olympics New Zealand and their current activities by clicking here.