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Investment Objectives and Policies

The objective of Special Olympics New Zealand Foundation is to invest funds in perpetuity and for these to generate sufficient income to support Special Olympics New Zealand for extraordinary costs and opportunities (on a case by case application basis), and to provide a contingency reserve.

Our Distribution Policy

The Foundation has developed a Distribution Policy to guide our distributions.  If you would like more information on our policy, please contact our Chair on

In order to preserve and grow Funds Under Management, Trustees have appointed investment advisors JBWere to assist. 

Together with JBWere, we have formulated a Statement of Investment Policy and Objectives, with the core objective being to structure our portfolio to deliver consistent returns for considerably less risk.  Responsible investing forms part of that investment policy. 

The current balance of the Foundation portfolio has a target asset allocation of 45% income assets and 55% growth assets.  The portfolio is well diversified with a high degree of liquidity to enable the Trust to be responsive to opportunities that are aligned with its objectives.  

Trustees of the Special Olympics New Zealand Foundation meet regularly with our advisers at JBWere.  Portfolio allocation and results are reviewed to ensure that performance is aligned with objectives.